Comeback Snacks

Emily O'Brien is an entrepreneur and the founder of Comeback Snacks —a specialty popcorn company that challenges the status quo. After being sentenced to a four-year jail term stemming from her battle with addiction, Emily set out on the mission to get clean, transform herself, and make her time in jail as meaningful as possible. Having fostered an entrepreneurial career before her sentence, Emily birthed the idea for Comeback Snacks to create unique popcorn flavours inspired by the ones she found and curated in prison. Aware of the hardships of being incarcerated, Emily is driven to help remove the stigma surrounding people with prior convictions, as well as give them opportunities for reintegration through training, empowerment and education.

Comeback Snacks is based out of Hamilton, their Comeback Commissary is located at 302 Main St West.

Instagram: @comebacksnacks

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Get It While It’s Hot!

What started out as a fun little project growing hot peppers quickly became a passion for making some of the most flavourful hot sauces around. Tired of the same old hot sauces and looking for something a little more adventurous, something that would have the heat along with an amazing flavour to accent meals rather than take them over, all of a sudden out of nowhere Get It While It's Hot started. Working with only the freshest ingredients we have hot sauces, BBQ sauces and seasonings, if you are looking to add some amazing flavour to your meals look no further. Welcome to Flavour Town!

Get It While It's Hot is based out of Milton.

Instagram: @getitwhileitshottt

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We are Rebecca and Tamara, a sister team passionate about faith, family and all things natural, especially what we put on our skin. Our products are handcrafted fresh in small batches to nourish and moisturize. Formulated with simple natural ingredients, PeachyPlum products prepare, pamper and protect the skin. Simple luxury all-natural skincare for simply you. PeachyPlum - Inspiring women to reclaim small moments to nurture the skin and soul.

PeachyPlum is based out of Ancaster

Instagram: @peachyplumnaturalskincare

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Moose River Preserves

Moose River Preserves is a local producer of
small-batch, artisan, jams, jellies, and barbeque
sauces. The produce we use is sourced from
farms across southern Ontario. We work with
several great charities supporting the
communities we serve.
Located in Milton, our products are sold at
farmers markets, craft shows and special
events, we also deliver across the Greater
Toronto Area.

Instagram: moose_river_preserves

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Sixty Forty began as a way to raise funds for our friend, Shona, who was fighting cancer. Over 13 years later we continue to use our platform to raise money for a variety of charities. Our business name came to be when our daughter was young and would say she loved us 6040. To her that meant infinity.
Designed with the best intentions, our Love Letter decals are affirmations to aid in your practice of self reflection, self love and positivity. A way to shift your negative thoughts and speak with kindness and compassion to yourself. This year, in particular, has been exceptionally challenging. Our hope is that you realize you are important, you are worthy and you are loved 6040!

SIxty Forty is based out of Burlington

Instagram : @sixty_forty

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Gigi's Foods

Gigi's Foods is female owned and locally
operated in Oakville, ON. We produce fresh
handcrafted vinaigrettes, made with simple
quality ingredients. Gigi's Vinaigrettes are both
gluten & dairy free, and are made without the
use of artificial preservatives or sugars. Our
Vinaigrettes are perfect for any salad, while
having the versatility to be used as a marinade,
cooking sauce or dip.

Gigi's has since moved to Everett, ON and will always be a part of our Community. Good luck on your new adventures!

Instagram: gigisfoods

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Terra Cotta Cookie Co.

Through creativity, passion, and a lot of hard work, Terra Cotta
Cookie Co. has become a true Canadian success story from its
humble beginnings as a small baking operation to supporting
major retailers across Canada.

Terra Cotta Cookie Co. produces a wide variety of all natural
cookies, cookie dough, snacks and certified gluten free
options. All products are produced in a peanut and nut free
facility in Georgetown, Ontario, where you can visit their retail store.

They are the forerunner to providing healthy, lower fat,
trans-fat free, peanut and nut free snacks and drinks to
schools across the GTA area.

Instagram: @terracottacookies

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Mind Your Bees

Mind Your Bees is a family business run by Ashley & Daniel,
who emerged on the green eco- friendly market in mid 2017.
Mind Your Bees is a pioneer brand to offer fun, seasonal,
organic prints echoing the message that green doesn’t have to
be boring and laying the foundation for beeswax food wraps to
be as commonplace in a modern kitchen as a tea towel by
offering a print for every occasion.

Beeswax food wraps are made of 5 all natural ingredients-
organic custom branded cotton, Canadian beeswax, pine resin
and organic jojoba oil, coconut wax. Beeswax food
wraps replace single use plastics in your home while also
dramatically extending the life of fresh foods. Beeswax, pine
resin and jojoba oil have antimicrobial properties and the
wraps are just breathable enough to act as a second skin
letting your food breathe vs. plastic suffocation. They not only
look and smell beautiful, but they also perform.

Their manufacturing studio is inside Hamilton’s Historic
Cotton Factory which is run with 70% solar energy.

Instagram: @mindyourbees

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Jolly Cut

Jolly Cut Cocktail Co., based out of Hamilton, is so much more
than a line of cocktail syrups and bitters. They believe that
making someone a cocktail is an expression of love. Jolly Cut’s
carefully crafted products help make cocktails easier and better.

Their syrups and bitters are perfect for bartenders or
entertaining at home. Jolly Cut has spent years behind the bar
developing a book full of recipes and shortcuts that can make
anyone a cocktail star.

Elevate your cocktail game one drink at a time and enjoy!

Jolly Cut has since moved to Prince Edward County, ON
and will always be a part of our Community.
Good luck on your new adventures!

Instagram: @jollycutcocktail

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Fresh Mayhem

Katherine, owner of Fresh Mayhem in Hamilton, first
researched soap making in 2013 after experiencing issues
with store-bought soap brands on her sensitive skin and
found that some of the ingredients in industrially made soap
were causing irritation and adverse eects, which led her
down a rabbit hole of research including studying aesthetics,
specializing in body treatments and making her first soap
during her studies. After experiencing the fantastic results
that homemade soap had on her skin, Fresh Mayhem was
founded in 2018.

Katherine has spent a great deal of time perfecting her recipe
and making changes to the look and feel of her soaps and
products which has led to the fantastic quality that you see
today. All of Fresh Mayhem's products are made with locally
and ethically sourced ingredients and packaging. Always
handmade, in small batches, vegan and cruelty-free.

Instagram: @freshmayhem

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Gloria Gonsalves’ passion for working with textiles has, over the
years, led her through different phases of designing and creating
fabric-based items.

IndieGlo was born from a fascination with the art of Hand Block
Printing when a visit to the textile cottage industry in India
where the ancient art of printing, using hand carved wooden
blocks originated. Creating her own prints and styles was
intriguing, and from there, IndieGlo was formed.

Working with a range of different textiles and participating in
craft markets has given Gloria a sense of the demand for these
types of products!

Bookmarks, tote bags, backpacks, face masks, and journal
book covers are just some of the items you’ll find at IndieGlo,
based out of Milton, Ontario.

Instagram: @indieglo6

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Coast to Coaster

Coast to Coaster started in 2015 when Elizabeth Billiald
wanted to create a business that not only allowed her to be
creative, but also give back to the community. Elizabeth
makes her coasters in her home in Dundas where she lives
with her husband and 2 kids.

Each set of coasters is made with love, and are both beautiful
and functional. They are water resistant to ensure durability
and easy clean up, and they also add a little personality to any
room you have them in.

Instagram: @coasttocoastercanada

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Granoola believes that good food doesn't have to be
complicated. When you have simple, good quality ingredients,
it's guaranteed to be delicious. Granoola always uses
ingredients as close to their whole, natural state as possible
to ensure the best flavour and the most nutrients. Every
package of granola is gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan. There
are no added sugars and absolutely no artificial sweeteners,
flavours, preservatives, or additives. Granoola uses the best
ingredients they can find to give you the best granola you can find.

Instagram: @eatgranoola

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Pixel Paper Hearts

Pixel Paper Hearts out of Milton, Ontario started as a creative
outlet tag teamed by a sister/brother duo - Charisse de Leon and Wayne Reyes. Their love affair for all things design sprung out of Room 113 - their high school graphic arts classroom. It was in that room where they first learned to cut rubylith, used a printing press, exposed a silk screen and of course, met Adobe.

Pixel Paper Hearts made it's online debut in May 2013 via Etsy
as a print shop, with a small collection of 13 wall prints which
illustrated modern typography designs and words that
motivated, inspired & warmed hearts. Since then, Pixel Paper
Hearts graduated from their humble beginnings to a full
fledged graphic design umbrella fabricating custom designs,
witty social stationery and other modern goods.

Instagram: @pixelpaperhearts

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Ten and Co. is a small, premium lifestyle brand that specializes
in Swedish Sponge Cloths and sustainable home décor. Created in 2013 by Christen Irwin; a mom, wife, designer & entrepreneur.

Ten and Co. general store is located at 414 Speers Rd in Oakville.

Instagram: @ten_and_co

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Royal Pepper

Royal Pepper hot sauces are crafted to be uniquely balanced
in heat and flavour. From the milder Marquis of Mango to the
fiery Tyrant and everything in-between, Royal Pepper will take
your taste buds to the next level. Royal Pepper hot sauces are
proudly made locally in Burlington, Ontario.


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Meatsmith was born out of a question: Why couldn’t jerky be a
little better and why aren’t protein bars made from simple
meat-based ingredients? That question was answered by
creating a meat bar made with simple, nourishing ingredients
and complemented with gourmet flavours. Meatsmith then
became the first brand within the company, Reign Gourmet
Nutrition Inc. For the past two years they have worked
together, along with chefs, food scientists, nutritionists and
dietitians, to create the Meatsmith product.

Instagram: @meatsmithbar

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mabel's labels

Mabel’s Labels located in Hamilton, story begins in 2003, when four busy moms noticed a huge gap in the market for durable kids’ labels.

Frustrated by their children’s things getting lost, mixed up and
leaving home never to return, Julie Cole, Julie Ellis, Cynthia
Esp and Tricia Mumby knew they could do better than the
scribbles on masking tape that were being passed off as
labels. From there, the idea for the product was born: the very
best personalized waterproof name labels and tags that were
equally cute and durable. Mabel’s Labels started humbly out
of a basement and has grown to be an award-winning,
market-leading company loved by Moms and kids alike.

Today, Mabel’s Labels is the best-known brand of durable
labels for families, and our growing line of products features
baby bottle labels, allergy and medical alert products, sports
labels, household labels and seasonal items. They’re
extremely durable, they’re laundry, dishwasher and
microwave safe – and they’re 100% guaranteed.

Instagram: @mabelslabels

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Jenna's Doodles

Jenna Gregory of Jenna’s Doodles is a multi-faceted artist
specializing in illustration and graphic design. She has a fun and
unique product line of prints and greeting cards that can be
found on her website and in retail locations across Ontario.
Pet portraits have become one of her most sought-after
services, but she also does lots of other custom pieces including
houses, family portraits, and more.

Hamilton has been the perfect base for her. Getting involved in
the city's artistic community allowed her to expand her business and creative network immensely. These relationships have also led to great opportunities working in Hamilton's thriving film industry as a set decorator and graphic designer.
She is always open to new creative opportunities to expand her
horizons as an artist, and can't wait to see where else her
creativity will take her.

Instagram: @jennasadventuretime

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Backed By Bees

Backed By Bees is a Burlington based team of meadmakers,
beekeepers and gardeners focused on real local food and
drink. With a transparent line from farmer to beekeeper to
meadmaker, they strive to know the ingredients keeping them
as close to nature as possible. Backed By Bees manages
400+ honey bee colonies in the Burlington area and provide
valuable pollination services to the landscape that the bees
interact with. They also produce mead, or honey wine, which
is likely the oldest fermented beverage known to humanity.
This fermented beverage is only produced by a dedicated few
that understand the incredible flavour profiles achievable
through the combination of honey, fruit, and spices. With
every glass, you will want to explore and savour the depth and
complexity of what Ontario has to offer. Backed By Bee’s
passion is producing good tasting raw honeys and mead for
you to enjoy with your friends and family.

Instagram: @backedbybees

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Golden Ticket

Because fresh candy just tastes better, owner Katie Reed makes
classic candies - simply, seasonally, and without any additives,
preservatives or fakery.

Based right here in Hamilton, Golden Ticket was launched in
January 2018, spawned by the search for a perfect caramel,
leading Katie to experiment with her own... and so it all began.
From caramels and chews to caramel sauce and their famous
dipped pears, the discerning sweet tooth need not look any further.

The Emerald Line features a collection of rotating herbal treats
to nourish and delight. We are the dreamers of dreams, ya dig?

Instagram: @goldenticketcandy

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And Everything Nice Spices & Seasonings

And Everything Nice Spices and Seasonings all started with
tacos. Sharla and Steve moved in together and Sharla was
appalled at how often Steve wanted tacos because she hated
the pre-packaged taco mix. She came up with her own mix and
it was quite the hit with Steve and amongst family and friends.
It’s the same mix used to this day. Sharla began to wonder
what else she could do to spice up their lives. Many mixes
have been added since then and Sharla is constantly using
Steve as a new mix test subject. They have ended up with a
constantly growing line of spice blends, fun popcorn
seasonings, and unique flavoured salts. All seasonings are
gluten-friendly and contain no msg. Seasonings are lovingly
mixed in small-batches in Milton, Ontario.

Instagram: @everythingnicespices

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Earth Love

Earth Love founder, Sarah Valiant, has always had a passion
for helping the environment. However, it wasn’t until she had
her daughter that she realized she needed to take more
serious action as she believes that our children have the right
to inherit an earth that has been loved, not destroyed.

Earth Love is an all natural cleaning supply and personal care
line that is packaged in 100% compostable materials based out of Oakville. All of their products are in the form of tablets which allows for easy storage, transportation and usage. Earth Love’s product line includes Laundry Detergent, All-Purpose Cleaner, Toilet Cleaner, Dishwasher tablets & Eucalyptus Shower Melts.

They truly strive to be as earth friendly as possible in all aspects of their business from shipping (using only repurposed shipping
and packing materials) to daily operation (exclusive use of
electric vehicles). Earth Love is always trying to find new and
better ways to help our home.

Instagram: @earthlovehome

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North Country Candle

North Country Candle has been pouring all
natural soy and soy/coconut wax for nearly 20
years. They take pride in their candles and
candle fragrances. They test each fragrance in
their wax before it is added to the line. All of
the fragrances are paraben and phthalate-free
with many being essential-oil based. North
Country Candles are poured with cotton core
wicks, or crackling wood wicks. They reside
full-time in Burlington, Ontario, but have a deep
affection for Ontario's cottage country.

Instagram: northcntry

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Ashbury BLOOM

Based out of Stoney Creek, ON, ashbury BLOOM
is an artisan producer of natural, sustainable,
handcrafted bath & body care and home
essentials products. Their products are
plant-based, vegan, cruelty-free, paraben and
phthalate-free and made without any harsh
chemicals or preservatives. Ashbury BLOOM
perfected their recipes with simple, clean and
non-toxic ingredients to help their family and
customers foster health, wellness and
self-care. According to Vira, the face behind
ashbury BLOOM, there is nothing more
rewarding than following your dreams of
creating something that will help others
achieve their goal of living a healthier lifestyle.

Instagram: ashburybloom

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Heavenly Candy

Heavenly Candy is a local business owned by an
Entrepreneur from Oakville, ON. They design
and set up Candy Stations for different
occasions! Their setups are something that will
definitely “wow” your guests. They also offer
customized gift boxes and party favours for
birthdays, weddings and every happy
celebration. Spreading happiness is the main
goal they strive for everyday and with every
single candy item they offer!

Instagram: heavenly.candy

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Alison Gordon Studios

Alison Gordon Studio brings fashion art to the
forefront through stationery, art prints and
lifestyle pieces.
Alison Petrie is the founder and
fashion illustrator behind the brand of Alison
Gordon Studio, and feels passionate about
creating beautiful pieces that have heartfelt
meanings, whether it’s to bring strength,
courage, enlighten your day or to remind you,
you are beautiful.

Instagram: theagstudio

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The Bare Home are proud producers of
eco-cleaners and natural soaps that are safe for
you, your home, and the earth. Their products
are made with the highest quality, sustainably
sourced essential oils and feature their unique
at-home refill stations. Clean convenience you
and your family can feel good about.

Instagram: the.bare.home

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Tijuana Tom's

Founded in 2019, Tijuana Tom’s House of Hot Sauce is a signature line of globally inspired, consciously sourced artisan hot sauces ranging from mild to hot and guaranteed to accompany any dish or meal. After five consecutive years of traveling the world to over forty countries on four continents, this was their way of bringing those exotic flavours to the local community in a way everyone can enjoy!
Tijuana Tom's in based out of Milton.

Instagram: tijuanatomshotsauce

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Lightspirit Creates

Eilis Teahen, creator of Lightspirit Creates,
loved art from the time she held her first
crayon. In March 2020, at the age of thirteen,
Eilis took this love to the next level and began
designing Christmas cards, putting her talents
and creativity to good use during the early days
of the pandemic.
And so was born Lightspirit Creates!
From the beginning, giving back to the
community has been at the forefront of Eilis’
business model and last Christmas she donated
$500 to a local charity in her hometown of
Burlington. Over the past year, LightSpirit
Creates, in collaboration with Black Robot
Custom Printing, has expanded to include
custom card designs, pet portraits, notebooks
and, more recently, wrapping paper!

Instagram: lightspirit_creates

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Shine Chocolates & Confections

Shine Chocolates & Confections creates hand
crafted artisan bonbons & chocolate
confections. In November, they will be
celebrating one year of operation! YAY! They
proudly create in Hamilton, ON & currently
operate online. They deliver locally in Hamilton
& ship across Canada. Many of the ingredients
are sourced from local and Canadian suppliers
for our creations. At Shine, they love to support
local and collaborate with many other small
businesses throughout the year for different
events. Shine values community and strives to
create classic flavours with a unique twist.

Instagram: shine_chocolates_confections

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Hewitson House

Hewitson House creates Natural Stovetop
Potpourri Simmers with ingredients sourced as
locally as possible and are dehydrated in
Dundas, ON. The contents of their Stovetop
Simmers include various dehydrated fruits,
spices, herbs and plants!

Instagram: hewitsonhouse

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